Saturday, May 04, 2019

Working to encourage economic prosperity and business development in the state of Minnesota.

Our Mission

We are a unified voice standing up for small business, we help the MN Legislature understand how important small business is for the prosperity of the state, the health of the community and the guardianship of the environment. We help them enact laws to prevent local jurisdictions from over-regulating, we believe prosperity and opportunity belong to all Minnesotans equally.

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Small businesses across Minnesota are facing an ever increasing number of burdensome and unnecessary regulations from all levels of government.

With these added regulations comes an increase in paperwork and personal, but also the real possibility of penalties and fines.

The Minnesota Business Alliance believes it’s time to “ROLL BACK THE REGULATIONS” on small businesses.

We understand the need to protect the public and keep people safe, but many regulations are duplicative and unnecessary.

Therefore the Minnesota Business Alliance is reaching out to small business owners across the state asking for suggestions to “ROLL BACK REGULATIONS”.

What is the one rule or regulation of city, county or state government that interferes with your ability to do business? Please click here to submit via e-mail your suggestions on what rules and regulations to “ROLL BACK”, and how it will save you time and money.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Contact Us

Phil Krinkie, President
Phone: 651-216-8523

Areas of Focus

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    Fees & Licensing
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    Pro-business Legislation
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    Government Accountability

What MBA Offers

  • Membership in an organization that is bringing change to Minnesota’s small business climate.
  • Educational seminars that address key issues for small business owners.
  • Timely information on key topics of importance to small business owners.
  • An effective voice small business owners in state and local government.
  • A forum to find common solutions to issues facing small business owners.