Saturday, May 04, 2019

Working to encourage economic prosperity and business development in the state of Minnesota.

Our Mission

Serve as a voice for small business owners to improve the business environment in Minnesota.

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Who is the MN Business Alliance?

Business owners today face a multitude of challenges every day, from stifling regulations, to excessive taxes and fees. The goal of the Minnesota Business Alliance is to provide a unified voice for small business owners in order to improve Minnesota’s business climate.

In 2008 a small group of St. Paul businesses banded together to present their concerns about excessive regulation and taxes, both to City Hall and the State Legislature. Their goal was to educate policy makers about the hurdles and impediments to growth due to burdensome regulation and increasing taxes and fees. With improved communication and regular meeting; numerous changes have been made to City codes and regulation.

If policy makers better understand the daily challenges of small business owners, there is a greater opportunity to stream line rules and regulations and provide a friendlier working environment. If it can happen in St. Paul it can happen anywhere in the state.

Today the Minnesota Business Alliance operates state wide with the same principles it started with; “to provide a voice for small business owners to improve the business enimpevironment in Minnesota".

Contact Us

Phil Krinkie, President
Phone: 651-216-8523

Areas of Focus

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    Fees & Licensing
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    Pro-business Legislation
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    Government Accountability

What MBA Offers

  • Membership in an organization that is bringing change to Minnesota’s small business climate.
  • Educational seminars that address key issues for small business owners.
  • Timely information on key topics of importance to small business owners.
  • An effective voice small business owners in state and local government.
  • A forum to find common solutions to issues facing small business owners.